the Trans Vagina Dialogues

Hosts: Lindsey Deaton

No one has shared these stories. Up unto this point in time they have been taboo to discuss.
Any discussion of trans/intersex/non-binary people’s privates has been just that.


Hi, I’m Lindsey Deaton, creator and hostess of the Trans Vagina Dialogues podcast series. My goal and objective for these Trans Vagina Dialogues is for those of us within the trans/gnc/non-binary communities to take our bodies back; to exercise our right and privilege to talk about them openly, and to share our diverse stories and experiences with you. My hope is that through these honest and forthright Trans Vagina discussions we will recognize and honor the humanity within us all.

In each episode we explore a deep, personal account of mental, physical and spiritual transitional experiences including gender dysphorias; decisions opting to choose medical treatments including GAHT, surgeries, or not; the health concerns and needs of trans masculine vaginas and the new opportunities that have been presented for personhood, relationships and society with procedures like the four stage phalloplasty. Topics like phantoms in the brain experiences post gender affirmation surgery; the relief and new life experienced by those transitioning from incongruence to congruence; recovering from surgeries; surprising bathroom experiences and much more will be explored.

We hope these Trans Vagina Dialogues will find deep resonance within you.

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