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Do you like 80s music? Do you feel like you never need to hear “Take on Me” again? Did you grow up in America and, as a result, your experience of 80s pop is limited to only what we’ve chosen to remember here in the U.S.? If you have answered yes to any of this questions but especially if you answered yes to more than one, Deep Cuts & Superficial Wounds may be the podcast for you.


Smart Mouth | A TableCakes Production

Talking to people about the history of their favorite foods is a great way to trick them into telling stories they haven’t told before. Host Katherine Spiers brings the history, the guests bring the anecdotes – like Gail Simmons discovering American Thanksgiving, Jenny Yang’s childhood love of salad bars, and Scott Conant and Lorena Garcia’s fundamental disagreement about dumplings.

Gayest Episode Ever | A TableCakes Production

Hosts Drew Mackie and Glen Lakin look at episodes of classic sitcoms (The Golden Girls, Designing Women, Cheers) that deal with LGBT issues and talk about what holds up, what doesn’t and what was going on in pop culture when these very special, very gay episodes first aired.

Monday Afternoon Movie | A TableCakes Production

Actor and comedian Sam Pancake sits down with friends famous and funny to discuss the surreal, silly and nonetheless star-studded made-for-TV movies of the 1970s. It’s a loving look at baffling not-quite-feature-length flicks that often aren’t on DVD and have largely been lost to time.

Singing Mountain Podcast | A TableCakes Production

Every episode presents a playlist of classic video game music planned around a specific theme, with commentary about how the history of these titles and how these composers used the soundtrack to enhance a player’s experience. Nostalgia + pixel art.

Underbelly L.A. | A TableCakes Production

Los Angeles has no shortage of stories. It’s the only city in the United States where the principal economy is, in fact, the business of telling stories. Underbelly L.A. hopes to turn your attention to some of the lesser-celebrated tales that have played out in this city, further from the sparkle of the Hollywood lights.

Do you feel like you could use a little pick me up? Maybe, say, twice a week? But instead of a coffee or a can of soda, what if that pick me up came in the form of bite sized bits of world history, hand-picked by Hadley Meares, to deliver the maximum amount of happy? Every Monday and Wednesday morning, you’ll get a fresh mini-episode a few minutes long that will teach you something about history that will put a spring in your step. That’s happy history. Get happy!