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2022-08-02T21:23:23+00:00August 2nd, 2022|

It’s Eve Plumb as you’ve never seen her before! Unless you’ve seen this movie, in which case you know that she has dimensions far beyond Jan Brady. Broadcast on NBC on September 27, 1976, DAWN: PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE RUNAWAY tells the story of a 15-year-old who leaves home to [...]

Sanford Arms Meets a Gay — And He’s Black!

2022-07-28T23:09:57+00:00July 28th, 2022|

Phil’s Assertion School (September 23, 1977) Sanford Arms was NBC’s attempt to continue the world of Sanford and Son without either Sanford or the Son. It didn’t work, and of the eight episodes produced, only four ever aired. That said, it’s second ever installment not only introduced a gay character [...]

Smart Mouth Newsletter: The Dishes to Eat in Nairobi

2022-07-28T22:56:02+00:00July 28th, 2022|

The Dishes to Eat in Nairobi By Mwende Mutuli Musau The capital of Kenya, Nairobi, is one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa, which makes it the best place to embark on a Kenyan food escapade. “Nairobi” is a word from the nomadic Maasai tribe which translates to “cool waters,” [...]


2022-07-26T18:07:21+00:00July 26th, 2022|

Does Sally Field have enough pluck, gumption and moxie to make a go of it as a teenage runaway? Find out during our discussion of 1971’s MAYBE I’LL COME HOME IN THE SPRING, which showcases the transition between the 60s and the 70s, all with a Linda Rondstadt [...]

Real Housewives Don’t Know About Dubai’s Favorite Food

2022-07-21T20:39:24+00:00July 21st, 2022|

My understanding is that the cuisine of the Caucasus is extremely herb-heavy - like, you could get your servings of vegetables in through them. I find this inspirational and have been putting darn near a full cup of fresh herbs on every serving of pasta, and it’s great. (There is [...]

Sarah T., Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic with Sarah Thyre — Part Two!

2022-07-19T18:30:16+00:00July 19th, 2022|

Welcome to a new season of Sam Pancake Presents the Monday Afternoon Movie! We’re approaching the made-for-TV wonders of the 1970s a bit differently this season, and instead of gawking at the horrors of the supernatural and macabre, we are focusing on a different kind of scary movie: [...]

154: NewsRadio Never Did a Gay Episode

2022-06-23T17:04:37+00:00June 18th, 2022|

“Halloween” (October 30, 1996) Considering that every other major Must See TV sitcom did at least one gay episode, it’s surprising that NewsRadio didn’t — especially when you consider the fact that its lead actor, Dave Foley, jumped straight to NBC from Kids in the Hall, which experimented with gender [...]

153: Rosa Diaz Is Bi… And Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Copaganda

2022-06-23T05:24:43+00:00June 15th, 2022|

“Game Night” (December 12, 2017) Right off the top of the bat, we need to admit that yes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show about cops. There’s no getting around that. We try our best to discuss how to weight its copaganda status against every other aspect of the show, and [...]


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