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TableCakes was founded by two semi-veteran Los Angeles journalists, Katherine Spiers and Drew Mackie. They’ve worked in newsrooms in Seattle, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Rome since 1999. In other words, right in time to see journalism plunge itself into chaos.

The goal of TableCakes is to create a new launching pad for new voices and increase the size and scope of journalism in Southern California. We’re choosing topics and producing shows that fill out the sections of a traditional newspaper, just in podcast form: business, outdoors, movies, real estate, food, visual arts, and more. When we find funding (hint, hint), we’ll have a breaking news show, too.

We’ve noticed over the years that traditional media can be slow to adapt to new technologies. TableCakes will combine the rigor of a newsroom  with the nimbleness of a start-up. Our aim is to pair each of our podcasts with the other forms of media that suit them best, be it a YouTube channel, a newsletter, or something else that hasn’t even been invented yet.

The Team

Katherine Spiers

Katherine Spiers has been a food and lifestyle journalist for almost 20 years (she started in high school), writing for Reuters, Associated Press, Seattle Times, LA Times, and a number of publications that no longer exist, and some that semi-exist: she was an editor at Gawker Media and food editor at LA Weekly. She currently hosts and produces the culinary history/interview podcast Smart Mouth, and, as majority owner of TableCakes, oversees a number of podcasts on the network.


Host - Smart Mouth

Drew Mackie

Drew Mackie is a stay-at-home journalist who used to write for newspapers and once interviewed Carol Burnett. Raised in a central Californian town that once tried to bill itself as the earthquake capital of the world, he watched a lot of old movies and TV shows, building an appreciation for the pop culture of decades past. He has a dog, Thurman, and also a mustache, which is not yet named. He is the TableCakes co-founder.


Host - Singing Mountain , Gayest Episode Ever , You Have To Watch This Movie

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Analise Nelson

Analise Nelson is an L.A.-based, pop culture-obsessed audio engineer and producer who has been at the helm of podcasts like Popular Music: The Podcast, Drinking Game of Thrones, and now Small Town Sound. She’s also a total film/video game music nerd and applies her fangirling to the music composition/sound design of the RPG podcast, Thank You For Questing and to the themes for shows like Medium Playback, The Purrrcast, and Obsessed Right Now (written with musical collaborator, Dax Schaffer of their project, The Saxel Naiad).

Editor - Small Town Sound

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Francisco Mejia
Web Designer/Developer

Francisco Mejia is a Web Designer/Developer and owner of WRCKTNGL Solutions which is the backbone of this beautiful website's framework as well as its  web hosting provider.

Glen Lakin

Glen Lakin has written many things for many people that never got made, so why bother listing them? His feature film — You Can Choose Your Family, starring Jim Gaffigan, Anna Gunn and Samantha Mathis — did get made, so he is happy to talk about that. Also ask him about his new horror script(s) and any of the comics he should be writing/drawing instead of petting Drew's dog.


Host - Gayest Episode Ever

Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is the producer for the podcasts Green & Gold (TableCakes Productions) and One Bad Mother (Maximum Fun Network). She was born and raised in Tulsa, OK where she learned to appreciate stories that take place off the beaten path. She creates long form audio documentaries for her own podcast called You At Home. She’s currently based out of Los Angeles where you might find her doing a jigsaw puzzle with the help of her dog Leon.


EditorGreen & Gold

Hayley Fox

Hayley Fox is a freelance reporter currently covering cannabis legalization in California and beyond. Her work has appeared in VICE, Rolling Stone, Playboy, L.A. Weekly, Leafly, the L.A. Business Journal, and others. Prior to freelance life, Fox worked as an online and on-air staff reporter for KPCC 89.3, L.A.'s local NPR affiliate. Here she worked as a general assignment reporter covering breaking news, in addition to staffing KPCC's hyperlocal news sites covering downtown and South L.A. She has a Master's degree in journalism and has been nominated for a L.A. Press Club award for investigative journalism. In her free time, she's a Dodgers fan, a beach rat, and a sucker for the underdog.

HostGreen & Gold

Sam Pancake

Sam Pancake is a West Virginia-bred, L.A.-based actor, comedian and writer who has appeared  on screens and stages large and small for nearly 30 years. Yes, Pancake is indeed his real last name. His passion for 1970s made-for-tv horror movies borders on obsession, as if he were possessed by something dark and unnameable that dwelled in the attic of the decrepit southern mansion in which he was raised...

Host - Sam Pancake Presents the Monday Afternoon Movie

Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett is a journalist, editor and media studies professor originally from Los Angeles but forever living in Long Beach, Calif. She is currently journalism faculty at Santa Ana College and has been a freelance writer and editor for over a decade covering news, music, food, beer, art and other social and cultural phenomenon for a variety of local, national and international publications. She is also an avid zine-maker, volunteer organizer of the Long Beach Zine Fest and two-time graduate of USC, where she got her BA in Communications and her MA in Specialized Journalism with an emphasis in music criticism. Her thesis was titled “Whatever Happened to Suburban Rhythm,” which focused on the untold influence the City of Long Beach has had on popular music since the 1980s.


Host - Small Town Sound

Tony Rodriguez

Tony Rodríguez is a longtime performer of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in New York and Los Angeles and has written for and performed in the CBS Diversity Showcase. He is currently a co-host and co-producer of UCB L.A.'s monthly Latinx variety show, Spanish Aquí Presents. His screen credits include Late Late Night with James Corden, Playing House, Adam Ruins Everything and a million Funny or Die videos.


Host - You Have to Watch This Movie



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