In between my original blog and this current project, my way of discussing video games was Singing Mountain, a podcast about video game music. It is *essentially* retired, though I still have a handful of episodes I need to post, including a proper finale. However, when I started this project, I knew I would eventually get back to writing about VGM again, and that day is apparently today.

In doing research for upcoming post about the first-ever Nintendo crossovers, I realized something cool about the soundtrack to Earthbound, one of my all-time favorite games and one whose music seems to hold secrets and surprises even today. In watching footage of the Nintendo arcade title Sheriff, a shooter game released in 1979, I heard a sound effect — a simple video game jingle, really — that my brain registered as “This is a thing I know” even if it took me a full day to realize where I knew it from. The composition is heard when the purple condor goes flying across the top of the screen like the UFO did back in Space Invaders. In the below video, you hear it around the 1:30 mark.