Captain N: The Game Master was a Saturday morning cartoon that celebrated the video games of the 8-bit era while also making the basest commercial pitch of “Hey, kids, buy this thing!” In fact, what I’m writing about in this post represents Captain N doing both of these things simultaneously, even if the link between Princess Lana and the game she’s referencing got disconnected in the final version of the show.

If you are reading this website, I probably don’t have to explain the show to you, but for the sake of the one person who hasn’t heard of Captain: The Game Master, just know that it was, essentially, a means to promote Nintendo games in the way that the G.I. Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons promoted their respective toy lines. The show focused on Kevin Keene, a real Billy Everyteen from Northridge, California, who gets zapped into his TV set and transported to Videoland, where all the NES games are connected. Every episode had Kevin venturing to a new world that represented a different NES title that you could and should go out and buy from your local toy store.

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