Will Shelley Winters finally have her revenge on Sam Pancake and the Monday Afternoon Movie?

Now that we’re back to the horror genre, Sam has invited iconic filmmaker and confirmed cult leader Peaches Christ into the fold to talk about REVENGE!, the 1971 ABC movie of the week starring Sam’s nemesis, Dame Shelley Winters, Bradford Dillman, and Stuart Whitman.

In what very much feels like a precursor to the classic Stephen King story Misery, a vigilante mother will do anything to get revenge against the man who she believes is directly responsible for her daughter’s untimely death. Will her plot to destroy him go too far?

Will Peaches’ perspective on all things Shelley finally convince Sam to show her some love? Or will Sam’s deep and passionate disdain for her just grow stronger with each scene stealing blocking and each passing huff and wheeze?

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