Jerri Blank is a Pansexual Sex Predator

Episode artwork by Ian O’Phelan.

“Blank Relay” (August 13, 2000)

Honestly, we could have picked just about any episode of Strangers With Candy to focus on for this podcast about queer themes, but we ended up deciding on the one where we see Jerri Blank at her most girl hungry. It’s light on Mr. Noblet and Mr. Jellineck, but we can always circle back to this one in another two hundred episodes, right?

Watch the Exit 57 “Down in the Basement” sketch, which does not translate especially well to an audio-only format.

Watch The Trip Back, the 1970 PSA featuring Florrie Fisher, the real-life inspiration for Jerri Blank.

Listen to the two-part Rasputin episode of the Unexplained podcast.

And we dropped a whole hell of a lot of Sam Pancake Presents the Monday Afternoon Movie episodes. Here are all of them: