GEE TV is a weird little art project that Drew felt compelled to do. It’s six 80s-era NBC sitcoms in a three-hour block, complete with of-the-era commercials. In order: Silver Spoons, The Facts of Life, Gimme a Break, 227, Empty Nest and Night Court. Hit the audio to hear Drew explain it all to Glen, who’s being a good sport about this.

Watch the video here.

Episodes, in order:

  • Silver Spoons, “Me & Mr. T” (October 16, 1982)
  • The Facts of Life, “Cousin Geri Returns” (December 30, 1981)
  • Gimme a Break, “Nell’s Friend” (December 1, 1983)
  • 227, “Toyland” (February 14, 1987)
  • Empty Nest, “Rambo of Neiman Marcus” (November 11, 1989)
  • Night Court, “Dad’s First Date” (October 17, 1985)

If you dig this, check out Drew’s other weird video art. There’s All the Colors of the Night, which is horror movies set to 80s music, and there’s VHSmas, which is all 80s Christmas magic. It’s all up at Phanto Films.

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