“Les on a Ledge” (October 2, 1978)

For reasons we can’t imagine, WKRP in Cincinnati decided its third episode should feature a trans-themed B plot alongside an A plot about one of the characters contemplating suicide because people think he’s gay. It’s a lot. And while that plot synopsis might seem like a recipe for disaster, this one is funnier and more progressive than you might expect. Don’t get us wrong: It does things that today’s audiences will probably roll their eyes at and might even shake their head at. But among these are some things that might surprise you in a good way.

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Listen to Drew on this week’s Talking Simpsons. Hell, listen to his previous Talking Simpsons while you’re at it.

This L.A. Times article on The New WKRP in Cincinnati explains how the original series became so successful in syndication.

Is “Bruce” a homosexual name? Stan Lee says yes.

Listen to “Once I Had a Love,” Blondie’s original version of “Heart of Glass.

If you can separate the fact that he is being murdered by a horrible monster, Gary Sandy is hot as hell in the 1980 movie Troll.

Listen to this female sports reporter incinerate a viewer complain that women should not report from locker rooms.

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