When I started this project earlier this year, people saw what I was doing and responded with something along the lines of “Oh, it’s a blog.” And every time I heard that word, I could tell that it struck me wrong.

Not that there’s anything wrong with blogs or blogging; after all, I’d actively kept a blog from 2003 to 2015 or so. And though I liked writing there, I felt like I wanted to differentiate what I’m doing now from what I did back then. At the time, my day job was at a newspaper, which meant writing what needed to be written and not what I wanted to write. Blogging, meanwhile, meant seizing the opportunity to write about anything and everything in whatever depth I was feeling. Back when I needed that release, it was liberating. This current project, however, is more focused. The plan, anyway, is to tell stories about how old video games came to be and to point out when the accepted stories may not be true.

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The Extended Capcom Darkstalkers Universe