Screenshot of the Super Mario RPG where Kong is chained

In this post, I will list off some of the notable localization changes made in the remake of Super Mario RPG as well as some of the changes that seem like they should have been made but were not. In general, the remake swaps out certain choices Ted Woolsey made for the original English version of Super Mario RPG in order to bring in game elements — enemies in particular — to fall in line better with Mario series at large. For example, the red fish enemy that was clearly a Cheep-Cheep was called Goby in the original translation, but this was fixed for the remake.

These sorts of changes were not done consistently, however, and as a result, there are more than a few enemies that are supposed to be connected to popular, familiar Mario characters but it’s just not clear in either English version of the game.

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Localization Strangeness in the Super Mario RPG Remake