“Grand Illusion” (October 29, 1996)

Because this is either the episode you’re getting immediately before the election (if you’re on the Patreon feed) or directly after (if you’re on the main feed), we decided we’d try for something political. No, we don’t know why we attempted this, but we ended up picking the first LGBT-themed episode from Spin City, which is arguably the most politically focused sitcom of late. And while this episode should focus more on the out gay character, Michael Boatman’s Carter Heywood, it instead shifts the spotlight to Connie Britton’s Nikki, which Drew thinks is lame.

Poobala.com is the website that charts TV crossovers in considerable detail, and you could definitely get lost there if you love TV trivia. And here is the clip of Matlock in a gay bar along with Lea Delaria in pearls.

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