“Evie Stevie” (December 16, 1989)

Whether you remember it as the show with the talking geodesic dad cube or the one with the girl who could freeze time, Out of This World has been relegated to the further reaches of 80s nostalgia. But don’t believe naysayers who’d make you think this wasn’t a good show; it was exactly as good of a show as you could hope for about a half-alien teen girl whose supernatural powers cause wacky, zany hijinx. It’s not Norman Lear, but you know what? Neither were ALF, I Dream of Jeannie or Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Evie Garland rocks.

And here’s the weird clip Drew mentions about the episode with the twins who materialize to sing about bad breath.

If you want to see what David Lynch TV looks like minus the macabre, watch this clip of On the Air.

Finally, here is the Lincoln Center performance of Twelfth Night starring Helen Hunt.