Hey, remember when Drew and Glen discussed that one episode of King of the Hill where Peggy meets a drag queen and halfway through we realized there was a trans reading to this character that probably should be explored in greater depth than two cisgender guys were capable of? Well, we had always regretted falling short in that respect and had even talked about revisiting the episode with a trans guest. However, this weekend Is It Transphobic? — the podcast hosted by previous GEE guest Ashley Lauren Rogers — covered “The Peggy Horror Picture Show” and did such a good job exploring all the ways to interpret Carolyn and her friendship with Peggy that we just asked Ashley if we could post an intro to the episode on our feed in hopes that you all would want to listen to the full version on the Is It Transphobic? Feed.

This is that! This preview of IITP’s episode ends 24 minutes and 32 seconds into their original episode, and you can listen to the full version of the episode here.

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Also please do support Ashley’s show on Patreon. And if you haven’t yet listened to Ashley’s episode of GEE, you can listen to that here.

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