“Sperm ‘n’ Herman” (September 20, 1992)

At long last, we’re finally talking about the series that you’ve been dying to hear about… if your name is Drew or Glen. Yeah, we both have memories of liking Herman’s Head. And while its one gay episode does some things right and some things wrong, it’s the first sitcom we’ve discussed that tackles the complicated issue of being queer and also being a parent. It also allows us to talk about all the crazy stuff happening on Fox back in the early 90s.

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Here is Lisa Simpson’s Herman’s Head moment. And here is a second possible Herman’s Head moment. And listen to Small Town Dicks if you want to hear Yeardley Smith talk about heinous crime in rural America.

Also Listen to Happy History, the new TableCakes podcast that Drew produced, if you want to hear not-Lisa Simpson talk about not-true crime.

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Soak in the glorious 90s-ness of lesser-known Fox shows such as The Edge, Shaky Ground, True Colors, Stand by Your Man, and Woops.

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