It’s summer, it’s pride and it’s (almost) post-pandemic. I’m celebrating all three of these with an episode I’m hoping sets the tone for the entire season. Special thanks to DJ Eric Pruitt for for suggestions from his playlist tribute to the days of Marilyn’s Back Street.

Also please enjoy the parade of awesomely 80s outfits in the video for C.C. Catch’s “Cause You Are Young”.

Track listing:

0:00 Sylvester, “Rock the Box” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

6:53 Plastic Mode, “Summer Time” — Apple Music • Spotify

10:43 Chris Luis, “In the Heart of the City” — Spotify • Amazon Music 

16:55 One System, “Life Is Very Short” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music 

22:31 Yoh-Yo, “Desire”

29:59 Neoton Familia, “Rohanó Szerelem (Rushing Love)”

35:25 The Flirts, “Calling All Boys” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

39:42 Lee Marrow, “Mr. Fantasy” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music 

44:52 Boiling Point, “Starstruck Lover”

52:20 C.C. Catch, “Cause You Are Young” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

58:39 Style “Telephone”

62:23 King, “Love and Pride” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music 

65:42 Camouflage, “The Great Commandment” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music 

69:36 Visage, “Fade to Grey” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

73:20 Book of Love, “Boy” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

78:27 Ken Heaven, “The Calling”

This whole thing is put together by me, Drew Mackie. Follow me on Twitter. I’m on Instagram too. Also listen to the Spotify playlist that inspired this podcast.

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