“Roomie for Improvement” (November 4, 1992)

Al Borland is not gay. This episode makes a point of saying that he is a heterosexual, despite how many of his (comparatively) immasculine qualities might indicate otherwise. However for some, Richard Karn’s sensitive flannel man is an example of a kind of guy some of us would grow up to like and some of us would grow up to be: big, bearded, and free to be ourselves regardless of where on the gender spectrum we ended up being. Nick Del Prince joins Drew and Glen to discuss Home Improvement, one of the most successful shows this podcast has examined so far — and easily one of the straightest.

And here’s the queer SNL think you may recognize Nick from.

Ask Harriet? No thank you, we won’t be asking her anything?


Tim Allen has never looked sexier than he does in his mug shot.

Episode artwork by Ian O’Phelan.

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