Thrilling Tales of Old Video Games: The Legend of Bowser’s Dead Wife

2024-03-25T19:10:09-08:00March 12th, 2024|

" I am currently working on a third part to an accidental series on Bowser that began with me guesting on a Retronauts about him. This third part will be about how the Super Mario games ended up pitting mushrooms against turtles as if they had some age-old [...]

Thrilling Tales of Old Video Games: Bowser vs. Koopa

2023-12-27T18:43:48-08:00December 11th, 2023|

"Last week, I was one of the guests featured on a Patreon-only episode of the Retronauts podcast about the history of Bowser. I bring this up to encourage you all to support Retronauts because they do cool stuff with old video games, but also I’m going to share [...]


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