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Whiskered Eggplants (Songs I Haven’t Played Yet) We’re ninety-nine episodes in, and I’m taking the moment to share some tracks I haven’t yet featured on the show. Some got nixed from the final cuts of previous episodes, and others haven’t even gotten that far. Either way, I thought you might enjoy an eclectic mix of VGM you maybe haven’t yet heard or haven’t yet heard enough. Take a survey and tell me about your hopes and dreams: Do you regularly eat food? You may enjoy Singing Mountain’s sister podcast, Smart Mouth:
There is even an episode featuring me: Listen to VGM 101, a podcast that does not suck: Track listing:
1:17: Overworld Theme / Super Mario Bros. 2 / Koji Kondo
2:46: Quina’s Theme / Final Fantasy IX / Nobuo Uematsu
4:30: Departure / Lufia & the Fortress of Doom / Yasunori Shiono 7:26: Scala (Rose’s Theme) / Street Fighter Alpha 3 / Yuki Iwai
10:40: Tessie! / EarthBound / Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka 15:34: Matoya’s Cave / Final Fantasy / Nobuo Uematsu 16:45: Matoya’s Cave (SFC Version) / Final Fantasy V 5+1 / Nobuo Uematsu
19:37: Episode 02, Page 2-1 / Comix Zone / Howard Drossin 23:16: Another World (Mysterious Planet) / The Smurfs’ Nightmare / Alberto Gonzales
28:47: Yuki Gassen / Columns III / Morihiko Akiyama
31:18: Battle of Eight Generals / Moryo Senki Madara / Atsushi Fujio and Katsuhiro Suzuki
35:03: Shop 2 / Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei / Tsukasa Masuko and Hitoshi Sakimoto 38:04: Jewel World (Ruby’s Theme) / Panel de Pon / Masaya Kuzume 41:19: Old Map / Golden Axe / You Takada
42:48: Cherry Tree Bridge / Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard / Yuzo Koshiro
48:37: Title Theme / Journey to Silius / Naoki Kodaka 52:02: Infinity Mijinion / Mega Man X6 / Naoto Tanaka 56:06: Walking the Snowy Mountains / Final Fantasy V / Nobuo Uematsu 60:17: Side Crawler’s Dance / Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap / Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap / Composed by Shinichi Sakamoto, arranged by Michael Geyre 62:42: Side Crawler’s Dance / Wonder Boy III / Shinichi Sakamoto
65:49: Meyna’s Theme / Legazy of the WIzard / Yuzo Koshiro
67:34: Winter Wonderland / Pocky & Rocky 2 / Hiroyuki Iwatsuki
69:53: Milk Bar / Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask / Koji Kondo 73:18: Top Man / Mega Man 3 / Yasuaki Fujita (a.k.a. Bun Bun) Drew on Twitter:
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I love this track in Megaman X6 because it reminds me of Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” and I am not alone on this.

I know! The French horn-sounding riff is doing Strawberry Fields Forever

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