Heads up! We’re talking about The Cosby Show in this episode, and therefore we’re talking about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual misconduct. We don’t spend too much time on it. That’s mostly addressed in a different Patreon-online episode, which people supporting us at the $5 level or higher can listen to here.

This is actually the tenth installment of Weirdest Episode Ever, our newest bonus miniseries. It’s going on the main feed for scheduling reasons I explain in the intro but also this will serve as a nice intro for the next regular GEE we will be recording.

 “Cliff’s Nightmare” (January 11, 1990)

How do you follow up an mpreg fantasy that also functions as a subconscious exploration of Bill Cosby’s alleged misdeeds? How about an aborted crossover intended to promote Jim Henson’s strangest TV experiment? We couldn’t get to the bottom of exactly how this Cosby Show episode came to be and then came to air, but we can safely say that we understand why Digit and Leon didn’t crossover into the larger Muppet universe.

Watch the first episode of The Jim Henson Hour here. And watch the “lost” episode here.

Watch the video that Glen couldn’t be bothered to find here.

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Episode artwork by Ian O’Phelan.