“Muffin’ Man” (March 1, 2007)

You know what’s super complicated? The Sarah Silverman Program. It’s funny, but just talking about why it’s funny in 2023 necessitates a lot of discussion of controversial topics including but not limited to ironic racism, straight dudes playing gay characters, January 6 and several people who are now canceled. Nonetheless, Drew (and not Glen, because Glen is not in this episode) is joined by Henry Gilbert to discuss why this show’s queer representation was novel and still should be important all these years later.

And yes, if you’re like “I could swear that Drew said this week would be Seinfeld,” you are correct; that episode will now be coming next week. Stay tuned!

Did you know that Henry also has a podcast? It’s called Talking Simpsons, and it’s a lot like GEE, just specifically about The Simpsons.