“Woman Gets Plastered, Star Gets Even” (January 23, 1997)

There was a time when two different networks were trying to push Téa Leoni as a sitcom star. The Naked Truth’s three seasons spanned ABC and NBC, and while it didn’t launch Leoni to TV success at this point in her career, Glen and Drew share a love of all things Téa with our guest, comedian H. Alan Scott. This episode is one of the more forgettable gay sitcom episodes sure, but there’s something to learn from the sitcoms that manage to make LGBT themes seem boring and banal. Right?

Listen to H. Alan’s podcast, You’re Making It Worse. Or listen to his other podcast, Out on the Lanai.

Watch Drew’s video compilation of every LGBT joke ever on the history of The Simpsons.

Buy Glen’s movie, Being Frank.

The episode’s outro track is “I Never Dance” by Crysalis, which is not on any of the streaming services so why not listen to it on YouTube?