“The Bands Break Up” (September 28, 1987)

We’re not *quite* ready yet to swing into regular production, so we’re tossing up an episode of our Patreon-only bonus podcast, The Cartoons That Made Us Gay, onto the main feed. It’s the Jem and the Holograms episode that is titled “The Bands Break Up” but would me more accurately titled “Kimber and Stormer Are Gay Lesbians Making Beautiful Queer Music Together.” Intentionally gay or not, it is hard to dismiss these girls’ relationship as just platonic, to the point that we don’t have to work hard at all to find the queer elements — especially in a show that already offers a lot for LGBT viewers. Showtime, Synergy!

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Show notes:

Watch a featurette on Jem’s speaking voice singing the main theme for the anime Project A-ko.

Read the L.A. Times story on Barbie’s victory over Jem.

Read all about Bill Sanders, creator of Jem and (we’re guessing) a gay person.

Queer readings of kids shows, previously:

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