It’s our 150th episode, and we’ve decided to celebrate this milestone with something different: a hot takes episode, where we share our pop culture hot takes and we also share hot takes submitted from our listeners. Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that you will find all takes equally hot, nor can we guarantee that you will find this episode to be spectacular.

We did not, in the end, have time to get to every hot take submitted by listeners, but we thank you for submitting anyway and hope to address them in a hot takes follow-up episode, should that be deemed worthwhile.

And because we lifted this idea directly from a recent hot takes episode of the Guide to the Unknown podcast, here is that episode, which you may also like.

The intro/outro music, BTW, is Drew’s own personal remix of the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship theme song. (Listen to the original here.)

Art for this episode by Jeff Hinchee! This is a TableCakes podcast.