“Gender Reveal” (April 12, 2018)

This week, Glen and Drew are joined by Karen Tongson, chair of the Gender and Sexuality Studies department at USC and the co-host of the Gen X pop culture podcast Waiting to X-Hale. We asked Karen what show she’d most like to discuss, and she chose Superstore, the current NBC ensemble comedy. Not only does it have a queer Asian lead character, but as Karen points out, there’s a lot of ambient queerness on the show, in addition to one of the more diverse casts on a sitcom today.

Watch Smack the Pony, the all-female British sketch comedy show Drew is always trying to get you to watch.

Lauren Ash’s performance as Scorpia on the new She-Ra is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

The phenomenon of melon babies, however, is decidedly not wonderful.

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