“The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss” (April 26, 2001)

Welcome back Emelie Battaglia for another go-around with America’s favorite homophobic sitcom, Friends! This episode has “Chandler is gay” jokes aplenty, even if he’s about to marry Monica, but the focus is actually on Rachel, who encounters a college acquaintance (Winona Ryder) with whom she once shared a kiss. This episode features two more woman-on-woman kisses than the one where Carol and Susan get married — ahem — and Drew eagerly reveals that Regina Phalange’s name literally translates as “finger queen.” Ahem.

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Here’s the Guardian interview with David Schwimmer were pulls a real Ross, and here is Erika Alexander’s response.

And here’s the news item that at least for 24 hours made people think Matthew Perry might be the next James Bond.

Xuxa has a heart as big as the world. It remains to be seen if Xoxchitla does as well.

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