“Stealing Nikki” (November 26, 2000)

Go figure: It’s our longest episode yet, and it’s about a show you might not even remember.

We were fortunate enough to get Talking Simpsons co-host Henry Gilbert back for a second go-around, and we decided to make use of his encyclopedic knowledge of professional wrestling. Lucky for us, there is in fact a sitcom that discusses pro wrestling and queerness in the same context, and it’s Nikki Cox two-season comedy series, which could not be more early 2000s. Even better? It aired on The WB, which allows us to discuss that netlet’s role in TV history.

Listen to Talking Simpsons, because we ripped it off in making this show.

If you haven’t yet, treat yourself to GLOW: not the Netflix version (which is also good!) but the original syndicated 80s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling show.

Read the 2006 Outsports interview with Kevin Nash, this episode’s guest star, where he daringly shares his progressive views on gay people.

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Episode artwork by Ian O’Phelan.

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