Time to drop back into the satanic panic of 1982 with the second half of the Tom Hanks led TV film Mazes and Monsters, also starring Wendy Crewson and Chris Makepeace.

Joining Sam again is TableCakes own Meika Grimm, editor of this very podcast. She has also edited a number of our sister podcasts, including Smart Mouth. She is an L.A. based digital creator, musician, and audio/video engineer.

We return to the story with our lead Robbie experiencing vivid dreams of his missing brother Hall. After increasingly concerning behavior, including staying in character even when they aren’t playing the game, he sneaks out of a party to go on a solo mission to find his long lost brother. His friends follow the clues he’s left behind, Scooby Doo style, leading to our climactic finale in the heart of New York City.

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Mazes & Monsters with Meika Grimm - Monday Afternoon Movie