“George” (February 16, 1974)

And finally we arrive at the show that back when we were kids was what informed us that the kids’ block of syndicated TV had been turned over to the grown-ups. Now grown-ups ourselves (sorta, kinda), we still can’t get into M*A*S*H, but regardless of our personal feelings we weigh in on why this show was important, even if this second-season gay-themed episode gets a B/B minus. Apologies to the M*A*S*H diehards out there.

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Take in the insane debate over David Odgen Stiers’ sexuality.

See what Radar’s butt looked like when it was glimpsed on a national broadcast in 1973 in the 8 p.m. timeslot.

Trapper John stars as Major Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later.

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