Kath & Kim an Australian sitcom with a real-life Australian homosexual man

Episode artwork by Ian O’Phelan.

“Gay” (May 23, 2002)

A smash hit in its native Australia, Kath & Kim focuses on two suburban women joined by their lack of both good taste and any sort of a clue. The second episode is just titled “Gay,” and to discuss it, we were joined by Glenn Charlie Dunks, a real-life Australian homosexual who’s spent a great deal of time thinking about art, culture and the differences between Australian and American media. He also taught us several vocabulary lessons, because as we learned, we speak English but not necessarily Australian.

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Videos referenced in this episode:

This episode’s gay panic montage

Weddings, the 1994 Australian special that inspired Kath & Kim

Fast Forward’s parody of Wilson Phillips

Fast Forward’s straight Mardi Gras sketch

The Big Girl’s Blouse sketch Gay Olympics

Lord of the Rings x Kath & Kim