“Gender Gap” (January 11, 1986)

Heads up: Initially, at least, Drew thought the episode being discussed was more transphobic that most, but special guest Ashley Lauren Rogers pointed out the ways the one trans episode of It’s a Living isn’t a total wash — and since Ashley happens to be the host of the Is It Transphobic? podcast, that counts for something. Whatever you think, this episode offers a glimpse at the proto-Golden Girls sitcom that Drew has been talking about for weeks and weeks, as well as the first part of a mini Ann Jillian festival that you won’t find on any other podcast ever.

Listen to Ashley’s podcast Is It Transphobic?, especially the episodes on Nanette, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Lost Boys, Dallas Buyers Club and Silence of the Lambs.

Also listen to Drew’s new 80s music podcast, which has both a third episode and a first episode, regardless of what Glen thinks.

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This episode’s outro track is “Isadora” by the Isadora Juice, which does not seem to be on any streaming service at the moment. Oh no.

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