“Indispensable Jeannie” (November 25, 1968) 

We’re as surprised as anyone that we’ve found an episode of I Dream of Jeannie that we can cover on this podcast. All credit goes to Brett White, who’s not only host of the Must Have Seen TV podcast but also the guy currently writing a book on the life of Hayden Rorke, who played Dr. Bellows on Jeannie but also was openly gay to the show’s cast and crew — and who pulled some important strings in TV history. This episode is even more interesting when considered in the context of Rorke’s life, but it does actually feature a real live gay joke.

Listen to Must Have Seen 1TV’s I Dream of Jeannie episode with Jackie Cox.

Yes, the Jeannie cartoon spinoff is online in all its Mark Hamill-inclusive glory.

Beware The S From Hell.

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