“The Puppy Episode” (April 30, 1997)

After a great deal of self-reflection, we decided that maybe it was worth discussing the most famous episode of Ellen Degeneres’ 90s sitcom, even if it is the most analyzed piece of LGBTQ-centric television ever. Whether we were correct in thinking this remains up to you, but we nonetheless have offerings of talking points about this hourlong coming out extravaganza, including but not limited to how much of this show’s latter existence was dedicated to meta commentary. If nothing else, Ellen — the person *and* the show — understood how people were interpreting all this.

Watch: the supercut of all the foreshadowing leading up to Ellen’s coming out, compiled by Becky Burning so I didn’t have to.

Read: the 1994 L.A. Times piece about the drama going on backstage during Ellen’s first season.

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