“Eric’s Buddy” (December 6, 1998)

Trigger warning: The episode we’re talking about doesn’t bring up sexual assault in any way, but because it’s That 70s Show, the subject comes up. Skip from the 25-minute mark to the 29-minute mark if you want to listen to the episode without that discussion.

Debate among yourselves whether That 70’s Show qualifies as a classic sitcom, but you can’t say it wasn’t a successful show, running eight seasons and then forever in syndication. In its first season, the show featured Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a student who befriends Topher Grace’s character — and then kisses him. It may not fully stick the landing, but it at least deserves credit for featuring a boy-on-boy kiss in primetime well before Dawson’s Creek did it.

Yes, That 80s Show also happened, and today it’s only worth looking into for a pre-It’s Always Sunny Glenn Howerton and Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh decked out in punk gear.

Dog With a Blog is exactly what it sounds like, but Drew still doesn’t understand what it is.

Tanya Roberts’ Tahiti Village.

Donna’s dad plays an L.A. gang tough in 1975’s Switchblade Sisters, which is a weird, wild thing to behold.

And the whole of Bad Gays is pretty interesting, but their episode about Oscar Wilde’s Bosie is especially good.

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