No theme is the best theme. These tracks don’t suck. Listen to Katherine’s podcast Smart Mouth. Also read the Discogs article, “Seven DJs Share the Weirdest Records in Their Crates.”

Track listing:

0:00 Imagination, “Just an Illusion” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

9:57 Topo & Roby, “Under the Ice” — Spotify Amazon Music

15:26 Clio & Kay, “Keep on Dancing” — Apple Music Spotify

19:48 Depeche’s Cover, “Nodisco”

24:37 Ape, “Time to Change”

29:46 Waterfront Home, “Dancin’ in Heaven” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

35:21 Valerie Claire, “Shoot Me Gino”

40:57 Sophie, “Same” — Apple Music Spotify

46:48 Brand Image, “Love in a Summernight” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

51:41 Samanta, “Im Traum”

55:50 Fad Gadget, “Collapsing New People” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

59:59 Starter, “Night by Night”

66:35 Secret Service, “Flash in the Night” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

71:42 Steve Martin, “Roxide”

78:01 Bengodia, “There Is a World in My Hands”

83:32 George Krans, “Din Daa Daa” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

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