Someone said they like my show but they weren’t into the Asian artists I’ve played, so here is an episode with an entire block of Asian artists. Plus some other stuff.

Track listing:

0:00 Betty Miranda, “Take Me to the Top” — Apple Music • Spotify

8:43 Eddy Huntington, “Meet My Friend” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

14:47 Jennifer Rush, “Ring of Ice” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

18:31 Albert One, “Everybody” — Spotify

23:36 Kermesse, “Mrs. Moon”
30:04 Charley, “I Can’t Love (Female Version)”

40:00 Laid Back, “High Society Girl” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

43:00 Alisha Chinai, “Babusha” — Apple Music • Spotify

46:53 Tuyết Nhung, “Into Your Hands (Trong Vòng Tay Anh)”

52:42 Jessie, “夜间巡航 (Night Cruise)”

56:47 Hiroyuki Namba, “Who Done It (Part One)”

64:22 Go East, “Strangers From the Light” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

67:40 Mike Mareen, “Here I Am” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

72:50 The Cleaners From Venus, “Corridors of Dreams” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

77:52 Turquoise Days, “Grey Skies” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

82:06 Helen, “Zanzibar” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

91:18 S.P. Balu and S. Janaki, “Pedavini Choodu” — Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon Music

This whole thing is put together by me, Drew Mackie. Follow me on Twitter. I’m on Instagram too. Also listen to the Spotify playlist that inspired this podcast.

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