“The Boys in the Bar” (January 27, 1983)

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a bit, you may be aware of the fact that Glen refuses to listen to it. Drew thinks this is too bad, because this really seems like the kind of podcast Glen would really enjoy. In celebration of Glen’s birthday month, Drew asked Sam Pancake and Tony Rodriguez to do a reading of one of the best episodes we’ve done: Episode 10, “Diane Chambers Is an LGBT Ally,” based on the Cheers episode “The Boys in the Bar,,” Drew’s only real instruction to Sam and Tony was “go nuts with it,” so this special episode will be weird as hell. 

In case you want to listen to the original episode, do that here. And if you want to read the transcript that Sam and Tony were reading from, click here. And if you want to hire Sarah to transcribe something, do that here.

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