The pinnacle of the teenage wasteland made for TV specials is here and Sam has asked actor, writer, and comedian Arden Myrin (Secret Chef, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) to join him in breaking down the hard to find 1982 CBS movie Desperate Lives. It stars Helen Hunt, Diana Scarwid, and Doug McKeon.

Two high school kids from anytown, USA get involved with the wrong crowd and fall heavily into drugs, causing progressively worse and worse things to happen to them and their friends. Will they be able to pull themselves out and get clean before it’s too late? Will Arden ever get over her fear of vans? Listen as Sam teaches us all about”shotgunning” a joint hit and learn who Arden got to do it with on the set of a Shameless.

Part 1 of 2. Thanks for listening!  More Monday Afternoon Movie with Sam Pancake with Arden Myrin is on the way next week.

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DESPERATE LIVES with Arden Myrin (Part 1)