“Enemies” (April 14, 1996)

You may recall a late-series installment of Married… With Children that shifted focus away from the Bundys and onto an apartment of young sexy people who apparently despised each other. This was “Enemies,” a kinda-sorta send-up of Friends that never saw the light of day beyond this one episode. Our theory is that it was a reformatted spinoff that at one point was going to star Christina Applegate and that also features a guy who’s totally a stand-in for Matt Le Blanc.

All of this is our take on what would be the Backdoor Pilots Patreon-only bonus podcast that we’re starting this month. Should we do this one? Or should we do Weirdest Episode Ever?

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According to Pop Culture References, it looks like The Bob Cummings Show was the first TV show to do a backdoor pilot.

And here’s that 1996 Levi’s commercial that Drew thinks this episode is reacting to.

Episode artwork by Ian O’Phelan.