This week, Sam is here to help teach us all about the dangers of PCP, through the 1981 NBC Monday Night at the Movies film ANGEL DUSTED, starring Jean Stapleton, Helen Hunt, and Arthur Hill. Who better to “sift” through this flick with Sam than someone who knows a bit about teen movies? Why not legendary screen and stage actor Gedde Watanabe (Pretty in Pink, Pacific Overtures, Ronin 47, & Sex Lives of College Girls)?

An affluent family’s son begins to have violent outbursts while away at college and they soon discover that he has fallen into drugs, specifically the dangerous new trendy drug called PCP, otherwise known as Angel Dust.

Will they be able to pull him from the depths of his drug induced insanity or will he continue down his violent path until he seriously hurts somebody?

Part 1 of 2. Look for part 2 with Sam and Gedde next Monday!

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