“Bull Gets a Kid” (November 8, 1984)

For our second look at Night Court, we opted not for the so-so trans episode “Best of Friends,” which doesn’t really improve on the “my buddy is in town and it turns out is trans” plotline done so well by The Jeffersons. Instead, we are looking at a non-gay, non-trans episode guest starring Bobby Hill herself, Pamela Adlon, as a young girl who pretends to be a boy. There’s actually a lot going on here about gender norms that makes for a more interesting talk than if we have done the explicitly trans episode, we say. Markie Post, we’ll get to you one day.

Listen to our previous Night Court epsiode. Also watch the “full cast” opening credits to Night Court, made for the GEE TV episode.

Talking Simpsons’ What a Cartoon podcast watched Capitol Critters so you don’t have to.

Episode artwork by Ian O’Phelan.