Whelp, we’ve made it: one hundred episodes. By which I mean that we actually hit that mark several episodes ago, by various standards, but this is when we are actually observing that this is a thing we have done repeatedly over a set amount of time. For this episode, Drew and Glen talk about what this podcast has ended up doing in contrast to how they thought it would work when it launched. Also discussed: WandaVision (finally!) in some depth that you may regard as spoilerish if “Agatha All Along” has not already spoiled it, which is to say you are probably fine.

And yes, Drew did once compile “Every Instance of Doubling on Twin Peaks.” It is a thematic forerunner to every LGBT joke ever on The Simpsons.

Watch Drew’s video compilation of every LGBT joke ever on the history of The Simpsons.

Buy Glen’s movie, Being Frank.

This episode’s outro track is “Inside Out” by Martin Dupont: Apple Music • Spotify • Amazon