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56: Michael and Janet in Video Game Land

| January 21, 2019
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The first Singing Mountain of 2019 is also the first in a new series looking at the interactions between mainstream pop music and video game music. Though this episode focuses on Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, consider it an overview of the many ways VGM and pop can play off each other. I’m also stoked to say that in addition to the Jacksons, I got to mention Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Carly Simon, Biz Markie, Phil Collins, Sia, and The Beatles, and I never thought I’d get to do all that in one episode of this show. It’s super weird, and I couldn’t be happier to be deep-diving into all manner of pop culture obscurities.

Cover art designed by Jude Buffum, pixel artist extraordinaire:

View all show notes and cited sources here:…t-jackson-vgm

Track listing:
0:12: Title Theme / The Race Against Time / Written by Peter Gabriel, arranged by David Whittaker 
2:24: Games Without Frontiers / Peter Gabriel
6:12: Ice Cap Zone / Sonic the Hedgehog 3 / Unknown composer
7:15: Who Is It? / Michael Jackson
7:58: Smooth Criminal / Michael Jackson
10:41: Carnival Night Zone / Sonic the Hedgehog 3 / Unknown composer (but probably Brad Buxer)
10:58: Jam / Michael Jackson
11:13: Staff Role / Sonic the Hedgehog 3 / Unknown composer 
11:46: Stranger in Moscow / Michael Jackson
12:38: Hard Times / The Jetzons
16:11: Ending Theme / Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker / Written by Michael Jackson, composed by Tohru Nakabayashi
20:03: Together Again / Janet Jackson
21:30: Bridge Zone / Sonic the Hedgehog / Yuzo Koshiro
25:29: Moonlight City Roa / Legend of Mana / Yoko Shimomura
26:50: China Love / Janet Jackson
31:30: Bayou Boogie / Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest / David Wise
32:34: In the Air Tonight / Phil Collins
35:51: Game Over / Lil’ Flip
40:04: Stage Two / Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker / Written by Michael Jackson, composed by Tohru Nakabayashi

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