Mallow Maro

“Ever since Super Mario RPG came out in 1996, fans have been asking for Geno — almost exclusively, to the disregard of all other characters introduced in the game. It was always people asking when Geno would be joining Smash Bros. instead of wondering why anyone else might show up in any subsequent game, Smash or otherwise. I get it. Geno is flashier, figuratively and literally, than Mallow, the other playable character who is original to this game. And while both did eventually show up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s Geno who gets to be playable, in a sense, while Mallow gets something less than that.

It’s because I think Mallow deserves a little more love that I’m making this post, but also I genuinely think there’s an aspect to this character that gets overlooked by those of us who first played Super Mario RPG in English. There’s some ace-level punnery going on with him that ties him more closely to the Mario mythos than you might realize.”

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Mallow’s Name Is a Better Pun in the Japanese Version of Super Mario RPG