"The Sweet Employee-Owned Treat" Graphic with icecream cones and pink & white sprinkles and frosting

By Marah Eakin

You might not know the name Joy Cone, but you’ve definitely had one.

Now in its 105th year, Joy Cone makes about 3.5 billion (with a b!) ice cream cones every single year. That accounts for about 60 percent of cones used in ice cream shops and about 40 percent sold in stores. The company supplies cones to everyone from McDonald’s to Dairy Queen, and it also manufactures cones and cookies for use in tasty treats like Drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches. In essence, if you’ve enjoyed any sort of ice cream product in the past few years — and you probably have, given that the average American eats about 20 pounds of ice cream a year — then chances are good Joy played a part in your delight.

Read the article here:

The Sweet Employee-Owned Treat

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