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Smart Mouth Newsletter: Roasting Cocktail Weiners on the Hibachi

2024-05-20T22:39:21-08:00May 16th, 2024|

by Katherine Spiers "Continuing the hibachi/teppanyaki journey from last week! This profile of the founder of Benihana, Rocky Aoki, is interesting, and it features my favorite restaurant critic (and total, unabashed shill), Clementine Paddleford."  Read the article here: Roasting Cocktail Weiners on the Hibachi iTunes • [...]

Smart Mouth Newsletter: Hibachi and Teppanyaki in Old Newspaper Ads

2024-05-20T22:32:11-08:00May 10th, 2024|

by Katherine Spiers "I recently noticed that people often use “hibachi” and “teppanyaki” interchangeably, especially when talking about Benihana-style restaurants where diners sit at the griddle and the cook puts on a show with onion towers and flying ingredients. Technically, that is teppanyaki."  Read the article here: Hibachi [...]

Smart Mouth Newsletter: Cultivated Chicken; Japanese 7-11

2024-04-25T15:28:32-08:00April 25th, 2024|

by Katherine Spiers "After all that hubbub, David Chang has announced he will no longer be pursuing trademark protection for “chili crunch.” It’s so wild that Momofuku thought its cease and desists would be received differently than they were."  Read the article here: Cultivated Chicken; Japanese 7-11 [...]

Smart Mouth Newsletter: No Need for Tinfoil, the Conspiracies Are Correct

2024-04-25T15:38:50-08:00April 21st, 2024|

by Katherine Spiers "In January of last year PBS NewsHour ran a segment that got me so worked up. The topic was the rising price of eggs, but that’s old news; what made me mad was the angle that NewsHour took. Because it was wrong, you see. And [...]

Smart Mouth Newsletter: Beef Rice Is Not What I Expected

2024-04-25T11:28:10-08:00March 28th, 2024|

by Katherine Spiers "One of those newsletters that send out gig listings included Smart Mouth in a round-up last week, even though I’ve announced I’m not taking pitches, it’s written at the bottom of every issue, and I wrote an entire edition about it. I’m displeased with the [...]

Smart Mouth Newsletter: The Problem with Raw Milk: It’s Annoying

2024-03-18T21:37:14-08:00March 15th, 2024|

by Katherine Spiers " We had a discussion a while back in the Smart Mouth Patreon about raw milk, but since then it’s become an ever more popular topic. And, a few weeks ago, the farm I buy raw milk from had a recall. I came to raw [...]

Smart Mouth Newsletter: Cottolene, the ‘pure’ vegetable oil that also contains beef

2024-03-18T21:29:27-08:00March 7th, 2024|

by Katherine Spiers " We eat the way we do because the powers that be have us normies existing to serve the economy. So many of our processed foods were initially invented to feed the troops during wartime; some others were invented to make a profit off by-products. [...]


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