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Philip J. Fry Accidentally Kills His Gay Grandpa (But Saves the Universe)

2022-03-03T21:44:27+00:00March 3rd, 2022|

Philip J. Fry Accidentally Kills His Gay Grandpa (But Saves the Universe) Equal parts sitcom and sci-fi epic, Futurama has some deep lore, and at the core of one of its most important storylines — that Fry is genetically destined to save the universe — is the fact that he [...]

Episode 209: Regarding Reviews with Dale Talde

2022-03-03T21:36:40+00:00March 3rd, 2022|

“You don’t like my vaccine policy. OK, go fuck yourself.”How chef and TV star Dale Talde changed his restaurant’s pay structure (I hadn’t heard of this before) and why he doesn’t do take-out. And who goes out for lunch on Valentine’s Day.Follow @DaleTaldeListen to Smart Mouth: iTunes • Google Podcasts • [...]

The Jeffersons Meet a Trans Woman

2022-02-24T00:37:45+00:00February 24th, 2022|

“Once a Friend” (October 1, 1977) Often cited as TV’s first sympathetic portrayal of a trans character, this episode of The Jeffersons introduces Edie Stokes as someone who, unlike other trans characters in earlier portrayals, is not at a point of crisis. She’s transitioned, she’s living the life she wants [...]

Ross Geller Brings Gay Panic to The Single Guy

2022-02-24T00:27:19+00:00February 24th, 2022|

“Neighbors” (November 2, 1995) So it’s been a hot second since we talked about friends, and to be honest, we can’t mentally deal with the combined phobia attack that is Friends so instead we are offering everyone a glimpse of a forgotten, perhaps even lost fragment of the Friends would [...]

Nora Ephron’s ‘Critics in the World of the Rising Souffle (Or is it the Rising Meringue?)’

2022-02-16T22:19:15+00:00February 16th, 2022|

Trying something new: I loved this catty essay so much I just read it to you. Find the original essay here. "Wallflower at the Orgy," where it also appeared, is here. Listen to Smart Mouth: iTunes • Google Podcasts • Stitcher • Spotify • RadioPublic • TuneIn • Libsyn Check out [...]

Episode 3: Celia Sandyha Daniels

2022-02-12T00:20:36+00:00February 12th, 2022|

Host Lindsey Deaton is joined by Celia Sandyha Daniels as they discuss the intricacies of relationship between the Indian community and their very sizeable gender non-conforming community, known as the Hijra. They also talk about Celia's transgender journey, and her choice to be "non-op", which is the decision some trans [...]


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