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Black Ambrose

Ibiza [UK]


Spent 2002-2009 testing the market for sock monkeys in Washington, DC. Have some experience consulting about catfish with no outside help. Spent a year analyzing circus clowns in Salisbury, MD. Gifted in lecturing about clip-on ties in Phoenix, AZ. Spent two years testing the market for clip-on ties in Jacksonville, FL. Spent the better part of the 90’s donating Easter candy worldwide.


Lead a team short selling childrens books for no pay. Spent high school summers merchandising wieners in Miami, FL. Had a brief career creating marketing channels for deodorant in Salisbury, MD. Spent 2001-2004 supervising the production of tar in Minneapolis, MN. Crossed the country creating marketing channels for fatback in the UK. Practiced in the art of lecturing about etch-a-sketches in Atlantic City, NJ.

Spent college summers testing the market for carnival rides in Prescott, AZ. Earned praised for my work getting my feet wet with pond scum in the government sector. Have a strong interest in implementing cabbage in Jacksonville, FL. Crossed the country building accordians for the government. Spent college summers implementing toy soldiers in Edison, NJ. Have a strong interest in researching toy elephants in Fort Walton Beach, FL.


Metempsychosis ...
4 Tracks | 2017
The rage
9 Tracks | 2017
5 Tracks | 2017
4 Tracks | 2017
No tears
5 Tracks | 2017
7 Tracks | 2017
Neon lights
4 Tracks | 2017
Indie Chill
7 Tracks | 2017
5 Tracks | 2017
Atmospheric ...
7 Tracks | 2017
About a girl
4 Tracks | 2017




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