Sunset Drive What does a sunset sound like? This episode may well fail to answer that question, but what you might get anyway is the third installment in the (so far) trilogy of Singing Mountain episodes about driving music but drawn entirely from non-racing, non-driving games. This one follows the narrative from bustling freeways to that perfect moment of sunset to early evening in the city. Track listing:
0:10: Silent Gravity / Bloody Roar (Arcade) / Atsuhiro Motoyama and Kenichi Koyano 2:08: Sunset Bridge / Persona 5 / Shoji Meguro
5:05: Grope After the Truth / Tobal 2 / Takayuki Nakamura
8:35: Wormland / Super Turrican II / Chris Huelsbeck
11:18: Seeking the Holy Sword / Sword of Mana / Kenji Ito
13:09: Cursed City / Golden Axe III / Naofumi Hataya and Tatsuyuki Maeda 15:00: City / Sonic Blast Man II / Naoto Yagashita 19:00: Thundercloud / U.N. Squadron / Manami Matsumae 25:19: BGM 4 / Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf / Tokuhiko Uwabo 28:39: Staff Roll / Super Final Match Tennis / Takamitsu Kajikawa 31:23: Beach Sunset / Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (Super NES) / Rick Fox 34:10: Credits Theme / Fatal Fury 2 (PC Engine) / SNK Sound Team
35:58: Sound Test No. 10 / ATP Tour Championship Tennis / Hikoshi Hashimoto
38:05: Your Sunset / Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 / Taku Inoe 42:10: Isolation / Zero Divide 2 / Hideyuki Shimono and Akihito Ohkawa 46:05: Midnight Greenhouse (Bonatic Base) / Knuckles’ Chaotix / Junko Shiratsu and Mariko Nanba
48:52: Heavy Hitters / Final Fight 3 / Katsunari Kitajima
51:09: Imbalanced Kiss / Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyou Touitsusen / Hiro Takahashi
54:19: Heliport / Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Arcade) / Kazunaka Yamane 57:04: End Credits / Sega Bass Fishing / Sachio Ogawa
58:49: Mirthless / King of Fighters ’97 / SNK Sound Team
60:28: European Stars / European Club Soccer / Matt Furniss Afternoon Drive:
Moonlight Drive:
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Omg, I remember Bloody Roar! I loved the concept of fighters transforming into beasts. It is like Altered Beast meets Tekken.

I like this podcast, but I’m a bit needy. If I sit ‘n’ listen in the car, I prefer hearing “and that was this song by this composer from this game… Here’s the next song by this composer from this game in this scene called bla bla bla”.

it makes sense. its perfect. yer perfect.

Sunset is kinda blissful to me, kinda like an anime scene.